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Alix Lawson, interior design consultancy
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Alix Lawson was just 23 when she started her first Interior Design practice in London which she ran until 2018. Published in countless design magazines including the FT How to Spend it, The Sunday Times, Vogue and Wallpaper Magazine, Alix has been quietly making a dent in the world of interiors for many years and was most recently on the judging panel for both the World Interior News Awards and the A&D Trophy Awards in Asia.

In 2018 she established an Interiors Lifestyle brand- Alix Lawson.





Alix Lawson Studio represents contemporary minimalism, a blend of Scandinavian, Australian and Japanese design styles striving to bring tranquility and intelligent design into homes.

A firm believer that simplicity is the new luxury, her new studio brings together lifestyle and interiors. More than just a design firm Alix wants to change the way we view interiors and incorporate them into our lives.